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Our story:

Since launching its services in 2012, ItalTrade Co.,Ltd has introduced a large variety of Italian iconic foods.

Products lists are always growing in order to satisfy both, the local growing market and our clients’ requests of larger volumes of exclusive products.

ItalTrade Co.,Ltd is based in the industrial area of Long Anh province inside a 2000m2 warehouse that includes 80m3 dedicated walk-in freezer & 80m3 walk-in chiller, office & distribution.

Their logistic network covers all areas of the Vietnamese country including: northern, center & south regions as well as the islands.


Fresh & frozen products – 48h to any area

For dry goods – 5 working days, delivered by truck

The company structure is as follows:

6 employees operate on the Italian market

10 employees cover the local distribution

Latest news:

Following the increase requests for Italian products by the local markets’ customers, ItalTrade Co.,Ltd has developing a new brand of MEGASTORES that will include Italian imports as well as local everyday use items such as household products and household appliances.

The project will be launched in early 2018.

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